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Unleash your audiobook to a global audience through our extensive retail and library partners. You set your pricing and choose your availability from a wide selection of retail and library partners.

Self-publish your audiobook to a wide global audience through our extensive retail and library distribution partners that include Spotify, Amazon, Audible, Apple, Chirp, Storytel, Hoopla, TuneIn, Scribd,, Barnes & Noble, and more.

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Findaway Voices by Spotify is one of the world's largest audiobook distributors.  Access a global listening world through our retail and library partners, from major brands to emerging startups.

Audible an Amazon company
Rakuten Kobo
Tune In
Baker & Taylor
man wearing glasses is enjoying a coffee, listening to his book companion podcast while smiling at his own audiobook global distribution sales growth on Spotify, Audible, Apple, and libraries.

Maximize your retail royalties with Spotify

With no distribution fee, you keep all of your royalties with your retail sales on Spotify.

Woman is sitting listening to her book companion podcast whilst smiling at their laptop screen as they set both their retail and library prices for outlets such as Spotify, Audible, Apple, and libraries.

Take control of your audiobook distribution

Choose your audiobook retail outlets and precisely set both retail and library prices.

A man is sitting on public transportation while listening to their book companion podcast. They are looking contemplatively at their phone as they are considering which integrated tools to use to set their pricing for their audiobook.

Get more with smart audiobook pricing & promotions

Use our tools to price and run tailored campaigns. And if you are using Kickstarter to fund your next audiobook project, you can do so through free Spotify redemption codes.

Findaway Voices has been fantastic to work with. They offer an easy, inexpensive solution for getting audiobooks available with as many outlets as possible.
Ann Omasta
Listen to Ann Omasta’s “The Broke Billionaire” on Spotify.