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Authors can easily switch to Findaway Voices by Spotify to self-publish their audiobook to a global audience through our network of retail and library partners including Spotify, Apple, Audible, Storytel, Chirp, and many more.

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If you want to be where listeners are, you want to be everywhere. With Findaway Voices by Spotify, you can offer your titles around the world, with broader reach and the potential for higher earnings.

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Go beyond retail and tap into additional audiobooks revenue with library access.

Man wearing over the ear headphones is excited to listen to an audiobook on his Hoopla app for free through his library. Audiobooks are great for listening to during activities like walking, running, cooking, yard work, laundry and more.

Global reach

Be where your next fan is by reaching almost every part of the world.

Authors can make sure their books are where the listeners are when they self-publish audiobooks with Findaway Voices by Spotify.

Transparent royalties

Keep your full Spotify retail sales royalties, and 80% elsewhere. With most of our partners, earn based on your set price for clear earnings.

This author is smiling because Findaway Voices by Spotify offers self-published and independent authors and publishers transparent royalties.

Listener insights

Understand your Spotify audience with insights from Findaway that other aggregators don’t provide.

This independent author is seeing his Spotify Premium listener insights for the first time and thinking about his next book signing tour strategy based on the demographic and location based insights Findaway Voices by Spotify provides on self-published audiobooks.

Distribute your book to the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service.

On Spotify, your stories could captivate a fresh audience of millions of people who have audiobooks included in their price of Spotify Premium — allowing audio enthusiasts to discover your books in their go-to audio app.

By using Findaway, I’ve been able to reach new listeners and avenues that otherwise would have been prohibitive. I’m able to finally be in libraries with my audiobooks which was a huge goal for me. And thank you, Findaway, for giving us authors a new path for audiobooks and reaching readers.
Carrie Ann Ryan
Promise Me cover on Spotify

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If your audiobook has been listed on any other platform for over 90 days*, you can make the switch.

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